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The Pan European Investor Conference is scheduled over four days. In the table below is a general schedule showing the different meeting rounds.

The one-on-ones, the group meetings and the fireside chats are scheduled during overlapping European business hours, as indicated in the second table. Each delegate will receive its own agenda with the meetings indicated per time slot. This will be prepared in the weeks prior to the event.

Virtual investor-company meeting schedule: Monday Nov 29 – Thursday Dec 2

Daily Meeting RoundsTime SlotsInvestor Meetings
108.00am-08.45am EST45 minute meeting
209.00am-09.45am EST45 minute meeting
310.00am-10.45am EST45 minute meeting
411.00am-11.45pm EST45 minute meeting
512.00pm-12 .45pm EST45 minute meeting
Time zones in North America and Europe 
Overlapping business hours
 Meeting rounds
Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
Eastern European Time (EET)3-4pm4-5pm5-6pm6-7pmno slot4 rounds
Central European Time (CET)2-3pm3-4pm4-5pm
5 rounds
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)1-2pm2-3pm3-4pm4-5pm5-6pm5 rounds
Eastern Standard Time (EST)8-9am9-10am10-11am
12-1pm5 rounds
Central Standard Time (CST)no slot8-9am9-10am
11am-12pm4 rounds
Mountain Standard Time (MST)no slotno slot8-9am9-10am
10-11am3 rounds
Pacific Standard Time (PST)no slotno slotno slot8-9am
2 rounds